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Bob’s Bio

Double Trouble

Bob and Ronn

Bob and Ronn

Bob was born in Gary, Indiana on a cold March day that his mother describes as “pure hell.” You see, there wasn’t just one baby being born that day, but two. Bob has an identical twin brother named Ronn. When the doctors asked the twins’ mother how she felt now that she had just given birth to two healthy boys her response was, “it’s great to be able to see my toes again.” After giving birth to a girl one year earlier, and another boy a few years later, Bob’s parents decided that one girl and three boys would give them all the excitement that two people in love could handle.

Bob’s Childhood Days

Dad and Twins

Dad Svetich and Twins

An excerpt from an interview given by Bob many years ago when asked: What was life like for you growing up?

As I look back on my childhood growing up in Gary, Indiana, summer days were filled with fishing at one of the nearby lakes or rivers. If the fishing was slow, swimming in those same lakes and rivers seemed to be the perfect thing to do to cool off on those humid Midwest summer days. The evening activities would almost always be the same. You could find my twin brother and I playing baseball on one of a number of different Little League fields. If our team wasn’t scheduled to play that night we’d support our friends and watch their games. My twin brother and I were always playing sports of some kind or another, spending most of our time outdoors year around. In the wintertime, you could find us playing hockey on our favorite frozen pond and when we got old enough to have a gun, hunting rabbit’s, squirrel’s and pheasant’s on farms not to distant from our home in the city.”

Bob the Athlete

Bob the Athlete15 Year Old All-Star 1968 World Series – 22 Year Old Professional 1975 Pittsburgh Pirates

Athleticism has always come natural for Bob. Whether it was winning track and field events in the high jump and relay races, scoring touchdowns in football or hitting home runs in baseball, Bob excelled in all sports. However, Bob enjoyed baseball the most. As a teenager, he played in the Senior Little League World Series. Several years later Bob realized his childhood dream and signed a professional baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Bob the Entrepreneur

Bob the Entrepreneur

Bob at His Office

Bob always knew that he would be an entrepreneur once Father Time moved him out of professional baseball. Because hunting, fishing, and the outdoors had always been a passion of his, it was easy for Bob to decide what industry he wanted his businesses to be in. He built two successful businesses in the hunting and fishing industry which led to him being asked to join OMG Multi-Media Group, LLC as a host and producer for their award winning outdoor television show, “America’s Outdoor Journal.” Always looking for a greater challenge, Bob then decided he wanted to raise the bar in outdoor television programming and became the Host and Executive Producer of his own television show called “Celebrity Outdoor Adventures.” A quote from Bob; “Getting in front of the camera and doing what I have a passion for has really got my juices flowing again. It reminded me of the adrenaline I felt being up at the plate with men in scoring position. I knew I had to come through and get a hit to win the game.”

Health and Fitness

Bob Fitness

Bob Keeping Fit

Like most young people, Bob took his health and fitness for granted in his early youth and teenage years. Bob has always had an interest in being healthy and fit. Bob recalls; “I can remember at the age of twelve, purchasing a weight lifting set using my allowance money. Then once I brought the set home, I proceeded to try and lift the entire barbell over my head stacked with all of the weights it could hold. The good news is that I was able to lift it up over my head. The bad news is that I lost my balance falling backwards, as the entire weight set came crashing down on top of me, severely breaking my right arm.” Bob admits although that experience was traumatic, it didn’t dampen his spirit to participate in physical exercise of any kind in the future. It wasn’t until his early twenties, that he started learning more about proper food groups and nutrition and the importance of regular exercise including disciplined weightlifting. To this day, Bob exercises five days a week, cross trains with weights, running stairs, bicycling, and swimming.

Fun Facts, and Favorites

Bob on Horse

Bob, 8 years old

  • Food: Elk Steak
  • Beverage: Raspberry Lemonade
  • Movie: “Lonesome Dove” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  • Comedy: “The Andy Griffith Show”
  • Music: “Eye of the Tiger” and “Stranger on the Shore”
  • Book: “University of Success” by OG MANDINO
  • Fragrance: Honeysuckle and Freshly-mowed Hay
  • Quotation: Be Satisfied Enough to be Happy, Dissatisfied Enough to Improve”
  • Hobbies: Riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, his horse Dakota, Hunting and Fishing

Up Close and Personal

When Bob was asked how he would best describe himself he responded by saying:
Bob Svetich
It would have to be “Variety is the Spice of Life.” I love to experience so many different things in all areas of life. I’m like a chameleon.” From delivering a boardroom presentation at the Ritz-Carlton, to riding my quarter horse Dakota through rivers and high-mountain trails in Colorado. I can change and adapt at a moment’s notice, and never miss a beat. I love Western art bronzes, evening shadows signaling the end of another glorious day, a water droplet on a blade of grass showcased by an early morning sunrise, a high mountain Aspen grove in the peak of fall colors, the smell of horses and leather, the idea of no boundaries, I can go on forever. Most of the time you can find me “Raising Dust . . . Kickin Up Dirt.” To put it simply, I guess I’m really just a Cowboy at heart!”

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