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Fan’s of the Show write…

I thought the interview with my dad was fantastic. Thank you for the coverage. The show is great.

Parker C.

I really enjoy listening to your show. I think it is a very informative radio show and I think you do a great job with the show. I am glad that KHOW has a show like yours.
Your loyal listener,

Jeremy L.

I never thought I would listen to a sports life show.

Carole A.

Great Interview with Lanny and Tracy! So glad you had them on. We need more ambassadors like them for our sport and pursuits. Enjoying the show immensely.

Tom A.

First, I’m delighted to just discover your show on iHeartRadio. I’m listening right now from northern New Mexico, Saturday morning, 9/7/2013 and I’m really enjoying the format. Thanks for being there, I look forward to my Saturday late mornings on iHeartRadio now!

Eleanore N.

I was very pleased to find your radio program about a month ago on KHOW and have enjoyed each episode. As an avid outdoorsman I wish there were more shows like yours on the air. It is a welcome addition to this market and I wish you many years of success.

Tom A.

According to Covey Rise publisher Thames, “when Bob approached us as sponsors we immediately jumped on board. We like that he’s focusing on outdoor sports, traditions, and family. The fact that he recognizes the servicemen who make tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe means a lot to us. His message is incredibly refreshing, and we’re honored to be included in the distinguished roster of the Sporting Life Radio Show’s celebrity sportsman.”

Associate publisher Kelly Waldrop is enthusiastic about the radio format. “Sportsmen and women consume an incredible amount of information,” he said. “Our subscription numbers show that they love the print format. The Sporting Life Radio Show gives them another medium from which to choose. With technology being so advanced folks can listen to Bob’s show in between dog training sessions or rounds of sporting clays. And who knew how many celebrities and athletes loved to fish and hunt!”

I’m a master Maine guide and am “livin’ the dream” in northern Maine. I LOVE
the Wild Cheff and your show. The BURGERS segment with the Wild Cheff was
awesome and I will try some of his burger suggestions on the moose burger I have
from my Maine moose hunt. Only problem…the segment is too short! More Wild
Cheff! And keep up the GREAT show on hunting and fishing!

Tenley B.

I just wanted to say thanks for producing a refreshing, traditional show that is geared toward families spending time in the outdoors. Looking forward to next week!

Tom K.

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